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Oct 18, 2020 · What would be the best powder to use for reloading

The .45-70 also features a straight-walled design..30-06. In spite of being inferior to the .45-70 in almost all aspects, the 30-06 surprisingly packs a much heavier punch than the .45-70 in terms of SAAMI spec maximum pressure. The shorter and narrower rounds literally dwarf the .45-70 with more than twice the pressure.Powder: 47.3 gr. 55.0 gr. Vel.: 1,847. 2,142. Press.: 20,300. 23,700. Hodgdon. 250 gr. M-FLEX. (HDY) 0.458" Powder: 2200 (Accurate) Primer: WIN WLR. Case: REM. Trim …

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Trail Boss is a great powder for subsonic loads or lead loads in bottleneck cases but in straight walled cases like the 45-70 it is NOT a low pressure choice. You can run far lower pressures using 3031, 4895 or Varget, at the SAME velocities. My two favourite 45-70 powders for the Trapdoor guns are 3031 and Varget.21,375. To use or not to use a filler in the 45-70 depends. It depend as it does with most other cartridges with cast bullets but also because the 45-70 can be loaded to 4 different levels with cast bullets. What applies within the parameters of one level may not apply within another level.45-70 405 gr RNFP. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings. ( customer reviews) $ 16.50 - $ 63.00. 405 grain 45-70 bullets for handloading or reloading. This 45 cal RNFP hard cast bullet is very accurate in the 45-70, perfect for lever action rifles as well as single shots. The 405 gr bullet has a long history as being one of the ...The .45-70 fired a .45 caliber 405 grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1200fps. The official military designation of the new cartridge was the .45-70-405.45-70 with 2400. Was looking thru the Complete Reloading manual for 45-70 last night and noticed a load that used 2400. I shoot a Handi-rifle and a 74 Sharps and have been having trouble getting a clean burning powder. Both 4198 and 5744 seem to leave unburnt powder in the cases or chamber. I've even used pieces of cotton balls to keep the ...Around 44 gr. of IMR-4198 should get him in the ballpark for that velocity. IMR-4198 and H4198 are very good powders for the 45/70 from mild trapdoor loads to heavy hitting teeth rattling loads for lever actions or even stronger Ruger #1's and converted Mausers. 07-31-2011, 09:02 AM #8.R. reloader458. 194 posts · Joined 2009. #4 · Mar 7, 2011. I only use RL-7 for the 45-70 loads. Pile-Driver 525 RL-7 40gr 1615fps Starline cases WLR primers COL 2.557. Hornady 350 FN RL-7 50.5gr 2010fps Starline cases WLR primers COL 2.550. This Velocity is from a 1895GS (18.5 inch barrel) at about 12 feet.Gives 1350 or so. Accurate and easy on the shoulder. 45-70 is loadable with so many powders it will make your head spin. Any medium bur er will work well. I have also used 4895, RE7, Varget for the 1600 fps range or just over. All worked well. 09-28-2011, 10:19 PM #3. mpmarty. Boolit Master.45-70 Government Handloading - Hornady FTX 325gr and IMR4198 load work up. #Starlinebrass #IMR #handloading #reloading #4570 #hornadyIn duplicating the cavalry 45/55/405 load for the H&Rs, I've found Tightgroup powder to be the most uniform powder for both ballistic uniformity and accuracy. To duplicate the 45/70/405 infantry load I like slower powders like 4759 and 4198.21 grains of FFFG Powder.45 Long Colt. 200 grain. 22 grains of FFFG Powder.45 Long Colt. 230 grain. 22 grains of FFFG Powder.45-70 Govt. 405 grain. 54 grains of FFG Powder.50-70 Govt..... 518 grain. 50 grains of FFG Powder. 12 ga Shotgun. 1 oz. of shot. 51 grains of FFG Powder American Pioneer Powder, Inc. 20423 State Road 7 #F6-268, Boca Raton ...Made from vegetable fiber gasket type material and pre-cut for most popular calibers. Tough, fire and water resistant, biodegradable, NRA acceptable for Blackpowder Cartridge Nationals, smooth cut sides, leave no barrel residue, absolutely consistent and ready to use. Bag of 1000.Nov 10, 2016 · An armed man in a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject. A disarmed man is a slave. After trying a lot of different powders in the 45-70, and getting some spectacular results, I can assure you that 4198 is about as good as it gets. I've gotten as good results with Rel7 and 5744. They will all shoot 1moa off a good rest.Black Powder Cartridge News - Published quarterly - Spring, Summer, ... cartridge designation such as .45-70 or .50-90 does not mean a powder charge of 70 or 90 grains. Modern smokeless shooters, used to specific recommended charges in a given caliber, are confused by the way that black powder, being a bulk propellant, is loaded without strict ...I am looking for black powder loads for the 45-70… Can't seem to find any articles, although I would bet money I saw one in Handloader of recent years concerning the 45-70 and black powder… Checked Pet Loads by K.Waters and nothing much to speak about… Searched this forum and got hit and miss info, but no hard loading data…Trailboss for the light loads, trapdoor level and pleasant to shoot all day long. Everyone has personal preferences and these are mine. All are great powders out there. A lot of people here also use 3031 and RL7. I haven't worked up any loads for the RL7 but I am going to in the near future. Bill. Team 45-70 #1569.G. Graycg. 996 posts · Joined 2003. #20 · Dec 5, 2009. Unique is my favorite powder for target and plinking loads in the 45-70, I usually use 13 grains with cast bullets 300-400. For hotter loads I use 2400 and for much hotter loads I use 4198 or RL7. Unique is dirty but very accurate and easy on the shoulder.A fast-burning rifle powder well suited to both small cases like the .22 calibers and 6 mm PPCs, and large straight-walled cases such as the. 45-70 Govt and .458 Win Mag. N130 is also an excellent choice for lighter bullets in such cartridges as the .222 and .223 Rems. Exceptional accuracy combined with the benefits of our anti-coppering ...The best powder that I've ever found for the .45-70 (1895 Marlin) is Hodgdon's H322. I load home cast 385 GR GC bullets to 1800 FPS. It is amazingly clean, consistent and accurate. I'm getting 2 inch three shot groups at 100 yards. (BTW, this loads kicks like a Missouri mule!)CHARGE TABLE FOR 45/70GOVERNMENT. (.457/.458 dia. bullet) USE LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS. POWDER MEASURING TECHNIQUE - Push the measure through the powder only once, then give the measure a slight shake sideways to level it off. Do not shake it down or add more than is recommended. USE ONLY IN.Tried the RL-7 that everyone who loads the 45-70 seemed to think was THE powder, but had mediocre results with that, too. The AA2015BR gave best results, with the VVN133 and 135 right behind it. Chrony'd the loads over both my Pact PC2 and Ohler 35P machines. Both gave the same general readings, +- 20 fps.MP-5744 was a double-base military powder, mreloading the 45/70 with imr 4895. I have a few rifles BUT, a look in the cabinet revealed: WW 748 Ball powder (1lb), WW 760 ball powder (1lb), IMR 4198 (1/4lb) and Accurate No.7 (1lb). Anyone used any of these powders in the 45-70 for reduced loads?The Lyman 47&48 both have data specific to different 45-70 rifles to include the 1886 Win. This is for a 420gr #2 alloy bullet. This is data meant for guns in very good condition only, use extream caution when doing load workup. Hope this is what you need. The $ stands for Poly over powder wad was used. Unique $ 11.0- 13.5gr 2400 $ 21.0- 25.7gr Reloader 7 in the .45-70 is a GREAT powde Winchester 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine Blued/Brown Lever Action Rifle – 45-70 Government – 22in. $1,419.99. Out of Stock. (19) Ship To Store Ship to FFL. Add To Cart. Compare. 1. The .45-70 Government is a cartridge specially designed for hunting large and dangerous game at close distances.Kevin Rohrer. 3859 posts · Joined 2012. #4 · Oct 22, 2020. IMR3031 is THE smokeless powder for the 45-70. I use it in my Pedersoli Springfield Trapdoor. I don't believe I use buffers except w/ black powder. Member: Orange Gunsite Family, NRA-Life, the American Legion, and 54-year Peace Officer w/ a 45ACP 1911. All my 1911s are in .45ACP & 10mm. 45-70 with 2400. Was looking thru the Complete Reloadin

All .45-70 loads used one .060-inch Walters vegetable wad over the powder charge. The .45-70 loads are for Model 1874 Sharps replica and Marlin lever-action guns. DO NOT use in trapdoor Springfield rifles. (Handloader Issue #269 - December, 2010) Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. Wt. Bullet.23. 0. Several good powders for 45-70, included those mentioned. I use IMR 4198 both for down-loaded hard cast bullets as well as hotter jacketed bullet loads in my Ruger #1. I will soon be trying AA5744 for heavy cast bullets in a Pedersoli Sharps (Lyman 1878 Creedmoor version of 1877 Sharps). 5744 was recommended by one of the guys at Penn ...The way I see it - there are 2 separate methods for loading black powder cartridges for .45-70 guns. When loading for the 'newer' style barrels (Sharps and Winchesters), bullet diameter to fit the bore is critical, as well as loading the powder charges to get custom accuracy from each individual weapon. Most of the newer style barrels had 4 ...A basic 45-70 powder from years back that is still a top notch performer, IMR or H-4198. Unique as well as 2400... IMR SR 4756 can also be used for the traditional turn of the century loads, about 16grs with a pinch of Dacron for a …

522 posts · Joined 2013. #9 · Aug 12, 2014. i've loaded and shot a LOT of trail boss .45-70 cast boolit loads for 350, 405, 500 and 535 grains. the load formula is easy - start with 70% of the total tb powder that fits into the case with the bullet yer using - this is important as the bullet seat depth determines the powder volume in a 2.10 ...Oct 18, 2020 · What would be the best powder to use for reloading 45-70? (I only have large rifle primers cci #200/no magnums) I have two types of bullets for it. 525g, Hard Cast, WLN, w/Gas check. and. 350g, Hard Cast, LFN, w/Gas check. They seem to be from "Beartooth bullets" (he had alot of "Acme" cast bullets aswell that i grabbed for my other calibers)…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Tried the RL-7 that everyone who loads the . Possible cause: 45-70 - 405gr - RNFP - Polymer Coated. $20.10 - $218.00. (10 reviews) Write a Rev.

But buy a lot of powder; it's a big case. Handloading guides for the .45-70 commonly provide at least two different categories of loadings, one for 19th-century-design firearms and replicas, the other for stronger, modern arms like the post-1973 Marlin Model 1895 or Browning and Ruger falling-block-type single-shots.I see no reason to shoot any cartridge gun with a BP substitute. If it is an originally BP round (45LC, 45-70 etc) then either load BP or bp safe loads using regular smokeless (at a fraction of the cost of either real BP or any of the alternates just based on amount of powder used and cost of smokeless vs BP/subs)

The 45/70 that I loaded these rounds for is a H&R Handi Rifle which is probably about equivalent in chamber strength as the Marlin 1895. Upon checking my log book, I see that I load the 350 grain Berry's bullet with 48.2 grains of IMR 4064, which is the minimum load in the Hornady manual.About 24-25 grains of 2400 powder approximates the original black powder velocities with a 400 grain bullet. I like 11 grains of Unique behind a 500 gr Lee boolit, my crony says 1100+FPS. Great load in my Sharps and my Pedesorli Rem. Roller 45-70's. 13 grains behind any 45-70 boolit in the 300 to 400 gr. range.26 / /. Oct 13, 2019. #5/41. Just a quick note that there are some loads (NOT for 45-70, lol) for smokeless that require slight compression, if you can call crunching a few sticks of powder compression. In all cases, those will be loads you work up to and as a general rule of thumb something most folks should avoid.

When looking at the 45-70 data the data for that 26 / /. Oct 13, 2019. #5/41. Just a quick note that there are some loads (NOT for 45-70, lol) for smokeless that require slight compression, if you can call crunching a few sticks of powder compression. In all cases, those will be loads you work up to and as a general rule of thumb something most folks should avoid. I place all reloaded cartridges into their associated By Chuck Hawks. The .45-70 is one of our oldest centerfire rifle c But to get started just put between 60 and 70 gr of powder in a primed case. Compress the powder enough so that you can seat the bullet deep enough so that it is almost touching the rifling, seat the bullet and go make smoke. You will find it very adictive. 03-06-2011, 11:41 PM #8. hydraulic. Boolit Master. Hello, I have a 45/70 NEF handi rifle and a Lee loader for 45/70. My Just preparing to pull the trigger on a winter road trip up the Alaska-Canada Highway is a feat in itself. AS MY BROTHER YANCY AND I dug our camper out of 15 inches of fresh powder...H4198 has proven to be the best overall powder in my Henry .45-70. Consistent, even-metering and good velocity consistency. H335 is a close second but H4198 is my go-to. I probably will never buy another brand of powder for my .45-70. Related Products; Quick view. Hodgdon. Posts. 223. I did some primer based testing today and came This black powder compression plug is slightly under Oct 19, 2023 · Originally posted by Ske1eter: I'm Ramshot X-Terminator (#87) is on the slow burn end of gunpowders proven in the 45/70. (#74-#90) Look at Hodgdon’s online load data for guidance as the 45/70 load data is represented for the three different action types. (Trap Door, Lever Action, and Bolt Action) Western Powders has data for Standard Pressure loads for the 45-70 in bullet ... In duplicating the cavalry 45/55/405 load for the H& While researching 45-70 loads I tried 5 varieties of Holy Black, Dupont Bulk smokless and yes Pyrodex in the 45-70. These loads were fired from my Uberti 1885, an original trapdoor 1879 and a Pedersoli Sharps. 55 grains by weight of Pyrodex r/s was the best PYRODEX load running from 4 down to 2 1/2" for 100 yard group in all rifles.If it were me and it was at one point, I would buy a RCBS 405GC RNFP mold, cast them out of Lyman #2 (if you want to hunt with it go softer), lube them in a Lubersizer to .459 and use Felix lube. 4198 is an excellent powder for the 45-70, I believe your problems are stemming from, not having lube and gas cutting (leading). Oct 25, 2017 · 1Forecon. I have both the IMR4198The difference in the accuracy of the loa The following is an introduction to building .45-70 paper patched bullet (PPB) cartridges, using real black powder and a bore riding PPB. This article is intended for shooters who are currently loading lubed bullets with either black powder, black powder substitute, or smokeless powder, and would like more of an